Tuesday, January 31, 2006

bad girl

"you're bad", he said.
"Well, I'm pretty sure your definition of bad doesn't quite cover everything that I am, but yeah, bottom line: I'm bad."

Sunday, January 29, 2006

drag bachelor

amanda and I did a show somewhere in anaheim. the bachelor was in his 40's. we danced around him, took off his shirt, then, when it was time to take his pants off, we found out the man was wearing a G-string. way up his ass, too.
our immediate reaction was to dress him up in our outfits. amanda gave him her latex high heeled boots. I gave him half of my cop uniform, just because the bottom half wouldn't fit him. we put some make up on him and had him perform the rest of the show as a stripper rather than the bachelor. despite our expectations, the man had the time of his life. he enjoyed that night with all his might.

Friday, January 27, 2006


"Do you find me attractive?"
"Yes", she says.
"What do you like most about me?"
"Money" she answered.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

mia on being a stripper

"let's have a fight! forget dancing. I don't even like dancing. I wanna kick your ass"

Sunday, January 22, 2006


A friend and I were talking over lunch. The argument of sadism came up. That's how I remembered S.
I met S in a sushi restaurant. He had a big nose and green eyes. he sat next to me and stared while I was eating. Obviously, we went out for coffee. Next thing you know, we were in my bed.
We started having sex the regular way, then, all of a sudden, he transformed into this animal. I never saw anything like that. He was yelling out loud, into my ear. He was screaming obscene words and sweating all the way through. It was like a work out. He turned me around and took me from behind while holding me down tight enough so that I wouldn't move. his pelvis was hitting my ass with a precise rythm. He started spanking me. hard. and than harder, while he was increasing the rythm.
He then pinned me down by the wrists and finished in glory. He took the used condom off, put on a new one and continued as if nothing ever happened up until that moment.
I had bruises for 3 weeks after. Never saw him again. never answered his phone calls and yet, I think that must have been the most exciting S&M session I ever experienced. He did everything at the right time and never missed a beat. i could have fallen in love with a man like that.

Saturday, January 21, 2006


chloe, mia and I did a show together. they arrived fashionably late. the party was somewhere in West LA, about 40 guys gathered around a bachelor. respectable people.
mia was wearing a pink pea coat over capri pants and a slinky top. she said she needed to impress the guys, because they didn't pick her from the website. she was also hungry and tired, like every time we work together.
we changed into our stripper outfits, the host paid us the show fee and we started the show. mia wanted to sell the lap dances for $ 40, but we settled for $ 30. she stopped the show for a break and we went to freshen up. she talks about boys she'd like to fuck while being in a commited relationship with a much older man she doesn't love. mia and I had sex in the past and I still think she's beautiful. great ass, great hair.
she asked the host money for a private dance we were going to do for the bachelor. the host refused. the bachelor wanted more lap dances; mia refused. we had to leave the party because we only had one driver for all 3 girls and he was going to leave with mia.
after the party we had a drink and talked about more boys we'd all like to fuck. for some reason, young boys seem to hold the top 5. with all the experience we have, you'd think we'd know better.

Friday, January 20, 2006

jamba juice

I stopped for a jamba juice. the girl at the counter kept saying: I'll be right with you. there was no one else in the store, and I couldn't see why she made me wait for so long.
finally she comes to the cashier and asks for my order. : "Do you want a free boost with that?". What came to mind was:"Quit playin'! Is cocaine legal?" What I said was:"Fiber, please".

Thursday, January 19, 2006

men and their strippers

"I wanna fuck you", he said.
"I know, I wanna fuck me too. I'm hot.", I said and I walked away from him.

the forty deuce

CS came to town and stopped by my house. last time I've seen him he was in a gay relationship with a cold and beautiful man.
He now told me that during the 2 years we haven't seen each other, he had fallen in love with a woman and now he's recovering from that.
he slept on my couch and we got to hang out for 2 days. he told me lots of colorful stories, we went out to "the forty deuce" to see the girls. lovely night.
The Forty Deuce is a burlesque joint. 3 cats playing 60's tunes live on a sax, bass and drums introduce the girls to the crowd.
The Brunette had a blue seaquence outfit under a black dress that she kindly took off for us. Her specialty was splits. She would fall in a split, jump in a split, stand on her hands and do a split against the wall, hang from a rope and do a split on the ceiling. she had long, gorgeous legs.
The Curly Head entered the stage/bar counter with a black hat, black dress, black boa, black gloves. She took off the dress and remained in a red seaquence undergarments. She had the most beautiful ass I've seen in a while. In fact, her specialty was shaking that glorious ass at a samba rythm, and she was doing a hell of a job.
CS and I went home and watched a couple of movies. quiet evening.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

pier paolo pasolini

just recently I discovered this Italian filmmaker, who has a very drastic view of the world. a visual philosopher, he is.
in talking about Italy, he said: "Italy rotts in a wealth that is selfishness, stupidity, lack of culture, gossip, moralism, conformism; allowing oneself in some way to contribute to this state of things is now nazism."
I know he politically leanes toward Left, but I sincerely think that his words apply to America today.

Monday, January 16, 2006

miss kitty

miss kitty is a fetish club. people wear latex and leather. the club offers free spanking lessons and domination how to's.
friday night they had a ritual going on that involved lots of blood, dead cow's parts, human flesh hanging off needles and hooks, tattooes and piercings showed off at the rythm of wild drums.
pretty girls were following the music and dancing their way into trance. boys were bleeding and sweating under red lights and cathartic movements.
they were believing. the ritual was working just like in the times of Priap and Bacchus.
a society short of believes and spirituality produces faith.
a friend posted a poem that greatly describes what I've seen: strike, dear mistress

Sunday, January 15, 2006

the red light district

amsterdam. cold place!
streets lined up along the water were guiding our passions into perdition.
the girls were working their night shift. they were nicely presenting themselves into windows lit by a red bulb. they were avoiding eye contact.
I stopped to ask for prices: 50 Euros for 15 minutes of pleasure, that including a blow job and a fuck. 100 Euros for a couple, but the girl was not to be licked.
a very dear friend of mine figured that those were girls with no other options. they were making their money because life has been cruel to them. to me, they appeared as if they had enough money, but they wanted more and they wanted it fast. it's funny how passing byers are ready to judge them girls in the window.
Probably, many of those girls have interesting stories to tell, many are just caught up in a system and many actually like what they do. it's such a beautiful illusion they create. people who enjoy that illusion are ready to apply the most moralistic theories to what the girls do. regular people need to justify a touch, or a kiss, or a blow job. enjoying is for kings.