Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Business of Love

Lovely mandolin music and lowered lights encourage us to sit down on the patio of Antica Pizzeria, in Marina del Rey.
M and P bursted into a conversation on stocks and personal financial growth before the waiter could hand us the menus.
I listened for as long as I could to what they were saying. and my personal record on such conversations listening is of about 3 secs. We ordered food and wine. Then we talked about P's girlfriend, who is not the best looking girl he ever had, but is the one who worships him the most. No judgement here.
M, on the other hand, said he's lonely and looking to settle down, therefore he approaches the dating market as he'd approach any other market: research. It's a business afterall and size doesn't matter. should I add the dreaded "lol" here?
The business of love, what an interesting concept! A British Study once revealed that the behavior of a person in love is quiet similar to the behavior of a psychotic person. Does psychosis come with a side of stocks and investment plans? How much would my total commitment be worth on such a market? How much no commitment, but exciting sex life is worth?
There's a virtual community lifestyle which allows the "Love Economy" to flourish, by pairing people up according to 29 characteristics they may have, or needs, or sexual behaviors. When did we become so easily labeled? What happened to the good old confusion and self doubt that kept us into growth mode? Does being an individual count any more?
What should a person like me enter under the 29 characteristics?
1. Blonde stripper and counting
2. Blue eyes
3. Size does matter
4. Pro blow job giver (Won a medal for this one)
5. demands commitment
6. so she can cheat
7. likes to sleep in
8. half Italian
9. half Promiscuous
10. married
11. never late
12. always on time
13. are you submissive?
14. if not, stop reading this
15. it's not for you
16. are you still reading?
17. shame on you
18. fine! pull your pants down
19. can you speak with your mouth full?
20. say "RRRRRRR"
21. harder
22. harder
23. !
24. thank you
25. we'll let you know
26. next
27. Blonde stripper and counting
28. Blue eyes
29. etcaetera, ecc
However, the Pizza was good.


Blogger ian said...

this blog = has gotten boooring boooooo

1:22 AM  
Blogger silvia said...

fine, I'll spice it up a bit, ian. no worries.

2:31 PM  
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