Monday, January 22, 2007

work ethics part II

Pretty Boy from my day job finally snapped. UGHH! I was waiting for this one to happen. Didn't do a thing to encourage it either. It just happened on its own, which triples the satisfaction of the event: no effort, maximum gain, just like the fat burning pill.
Pretty Boy has a girlfriend in a different department, same company. She's gorgeous, cutest face and sweetest personality. I actually made friends with her, which kept me from tempting Pretty Boy all this time.
He did his no-eye-contact routine and professional talk for as long as I've known him. I almost felt guilty for the dirty thoughts addressed to him that were buzzing through my mind.
However, one day someone spilled a coffee on the 4th floor. He walked through it and slipped. The papers he was carrying all got messed up in the coffee pond. Those specific papers were the logs for a show we're working on that I made the previous week. He walked into my office with his shirt and pants coffee stained. He asked me to re print the logs. I asked him what happened and he told me the story. While I was printing away, he tried to remove the coffee stains with some bottled water and a napkin. While I was focusing on Don't laugh! at the entire picture, he asked me if I could get the back of his pants and shirt.
Interesting. You got my attention, Pretty Boy!
He said: "must have been a latte. it's all sticky!"
I was thinking foam at this point.
He continued talking about coffee and the office and I realized this was the first time he was making conversation with me. Coffee stains are not meant to come off with bottled water. Pretty Boy didn't care apparently, cause he didn't stop me while I was rubbing the side of his shirt. I stopped to admire the result.
"I look like an idiot, don't I?" he said, laughing.
"You could use a new shirt".
"Where can I get one?"
"There's this little shop, right next to Starbucks"
We walked to the little shop next to Starbucks and he chose a shirt. He tried it on and asked me how it looked.
"Better than the coffee stained one" I answered.
We stopped at Starbucks on the way back to the office. had coffee. for one and a half hours. He's actually quiet funny.
We walked back, got into the elevator and he pressed the button for the last floor. I work on the third one. He touched my hand on the rail. I didn't move. He pulled me to him. I didn't fight it. We kissed. It was that kind of I-know-you've-got-a-girlfriend-but you-taste-so-good kiss. He was very busy with his hands. It was messy, coffee tasting, hot kiss and I had to stop it.
"Ok, I get it. We're obviously attracted to each other. But this is just not right" I said.
"I know, I've got a girlfriend. She says good things about you." he answered.
" Yeah, that."
"I'm not a's just"
"It's OK. I'm not here to judge."
"I know"
"But we can make a deal"
"Never speak of it again?"
"On the contrary. Let's speak of it. To your girl. The three of us could have some fun..."
I've never been kissed with the passion he used to suffocate the rest of my words. Work ethics...Yeah...Work ethics is a good thing.