Wednesday, March 29, 2006

rocco siffredi

The Italian Stallion, they call him mainly because of his penis size. 9.2 inches.
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He made porn history and is best known for gonzo, a brutal porn style, lacking story line and abunding sexual content. Fascinating man, who needs little introduction, he fucked more women than he can remember. However, he got married and turned to porn production.
you can find more info about him and his work at
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Thursday, March 09, 2006

venus trap

written in a particularly dry time. I felt every word of it. I didn't even know how right I was when I wrote it. Just now, reading it again, I realize I was just preparing myself for a great love story, that still keeps me on my toes when I think of it.

I was a Venus Trap. You died inside me.
It's time to rearange my colors and smell the new pray.
I will chase the fantasy this time. until I smell blood.
my tentacles will hug an idea. to death.
Soldier ready to fight.
Killer ready to play.
Woman ready to love.
Here I stand.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

vegas strip joints

I used to work in some vegas strip joints. my night would start at about 9pm. my primary goal would be to make $1000.
$1000 is made of ten hundreds. one hundred is made of five twenties. every twenty is one lap dance, therefore I had to do 50 lap dances until 5 or 6am.
to this day when I go shopping, I think in terms of twenties, or better, lap dances. Example: a $500 pair of shoes means exactly 25 lap dances.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

one lazy afternoon

I decided to give you importance. I put my life on hold to observe beautiful you. time expanded. I suffocated inside seconds and infinitesimal time particles just to look at you. with my eyes, I followed the shape of your face: oval. your chin is strong, you'll probably be fat in your older years. your eyes had the depressed imprint. manufacturer's fault. I drew your eyebrows into angular shapes.
I tried to stop you from your race. who did I think I was? you were hungry for finding yourself. you commanded me to build you up. you were desperate to know who you were. I thought I could tell you, for a second. I gave up. You never forgave me.