Tuesday, July 25, 2006

federico fellini

I watched Amarcord (again), and what a piece of work that was. Fellini is a poet. he uses visual metaphores to tell the story...literally. there is a scene where a kid walks in the fog, and we all know how scary the thick mist can be and how we see trees creating monstruous shapes; well Fellini uses actors dressed as monstruous trees to convey the idea. that's genious.
sex is talked about as love, fantasy, obsession. teenagers have that "love or die" mentality in his movies. so much passion.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


I fought myself many times. never resisted temptation. when I decided I won't give up again I met the Devil himself. and the Devil was 17. he hissed into my ear: Is that how you do it?
he kissed me and asked: Teach me.
I said NO and his tongue was already following the contour of my lips.
I ran away.
He followed me and judged me.
The Devil demanded a first time.
I wish I were strong.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


trina is blonde, sweet and vicious. She's wearing a banana republic silk shirt, a fitting white silk skirt and pumps.
she approaches me and says in a secretarial voice: "I give good head". I believed her.
Her boyfriend emerged from behind her. He's a gorgeous Turkish model, arrogant enough to test my patience.
While I was making out with Trina, the Boyfriend took my hand and inserted it in between her legs, under her silk skirt. she was wearing no panties. before I knew it, Trina was tied to a St. Andrews cross. blindfolded. the rope was tied in two strings on her pussy, living space for a cock to penetrate her. The Boyfriend got lost in a latex outfit, with two holes for air under his nose and a cock ring to keep him pointing North.
I spanked her first with a rubber and silicone small whip. got her nipples hard and red. I spanked her pussy with a small leather paddle while she was thrusting against the rope until her clit got swollen. she never said a word.
The Boyfriend was not allowed to touch himself, I kept him alert by moving the cock ring under his balls.
when she was dripping wet I took his cock and inserted it into her pussy. I spanked him rythmically. he was fucking her to the rythm of the whip. He came and she fainted.
I left. I masturbated to the thought of them when I got home.