Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Good Morning

"Don't play with morning wood!"
I'm not playing. It's just that I was sound asleep and the alarm went off. I reached for the remote control. for no reason.
Fell asleep for 10 more minutes. even had time to dream a little bit. then the alarm goes off again.
He jumps out of bed, fresh like a rose, gets the alarm on my side of the bed and turns it off. He gets naked. His cock pointed towards me. I can see it through my half open eyes. He checks his messages on his cell, but his cock stares at me in that raging morning fashion. I turn on the other side, trying to fall asleep again. He reaches for his watch, on his side of the bed, over the poor asleep me. His cock on my forehead. I don't want to jump to conclusions, but it looks like no matter where I stand, his cock is in my face.
"I'll jump in the shower." he says and gives me a kiss. My legs instinctively wraped around him. He continued kissing me until his cock found its way inside me and we stayed there for a while and thrusted against each other and sparks were coming out of our naked bodies and we both warmed our souls up to this morning light coming through the glass wall facing the bed.
We took turns to exploding in small rainbows. I got mine first and he worked some more for his. He announced his orgasm like it was the show of the season.
we stayed there and kissed and laughed and whispered even though he was late for work. He jumped in the shower and I went back to sleep dreaming of him saying that I shouldn't play with morning wood.