Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Victor Oh dear

Santa Monica is quiet a happenin' place. My best friend's birthday was yesterday and we went out for dinner and drinks. She developed an extreme case of drunken logorrhea which is like a diarrhea, but with words.
She talked some dude's head off while he was fueling her rampage with $ 6 drinks. However, she had an eye on this very handsome guy who was talking to his friends in a corner. She was off to play some pool not before giving me instructions on letting the guy know it was her birthday.
He was wearing a motorcycle jacket. White. Ducati. Handsome as a Greek God. He walked to the bathroom. I tripped him on his way back. He turned towards me. His name was Victor. Oh, dear. I told him my friend really liked him and he told me he recently broke up with his girlfriend of two years. "Sorry for your loss" I heard myself reply. What I really meant was: "my friend is looking for a one night stand, not a marriage license". He said hello to Jenn, my girl, but kept it simple.
Later on that night, as I was brushing off some seriously drunk sticky guy, Victor and his friends were waiting in the parking lot. Jenn attacked them all at the same time. Victor oh dear must have been flattered. So young and playing such a tough game.
We went to Swingers for breakfast. Jenn never stopped talking, not even for a quick breath. Victor oh dear sat in his corner staring into Jenn's monologue. I started an interesting conversation about motor bykes and antique cars with the man opposite to me. I learned a few things about shifting gears on a race car.
I gazed in Victor's direction. Such strong features. Sculpted and dark lips. Prying brown eyes. Shy medium sized hands. His strategy of conquest is exceptional for such a young man. He is obviously used to girls coming on to him. Once you'd notice him, you are on his territory, playing his game. He holds your attention against your will, with hypnotic moves and quiet demeanor. He waits for the pray to feel safe and cozy in a friendly, gentleman guarded environment. that way, if he attacks, the pray has no defense. But the key of his strategy is listening. He listened, he learned things about the oblivious girl, who was sweating a joke. The more she would try to entertain, the more she would drown into his silence and the more power he had over her.
Victor oh dear kept it interesting. he opened the door for Jenn, walked to the car and told her he would email her and he would want two things from her: a pic of her fav art piece and a childhood pic. he's good. he'll never email her, but he kept the illusion for as long as he could. for his own vanity. he even made it specific.
Jenn crashed on my couch and we woke up to coffee and croissants.


Blogger Chris said...

Hi, I can't find any contacts on your blog. Can I ask you to send a note for me? My email is in profile.
Thanks, Chris

2:45 AM  
Anonymous napoleon d said...

oh dear!

12:09 AM  
Anonymous Kelley said...

Good for people to know.

2:46 PM  

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